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HB Express Trucking provides owner operators and small businesses with all their dispatching needs. No more time wasted on finding loads, contacting insurance, spending time filling out hefty paperwork, and dealing with invoices.


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All-In-One Trucking

At HB Express Trucking we grow through efficiency and experience. We provide quality transportation of freight and cargo across all of the United States. Our drivers and Dispatchers work together to provide the best service available to our customers. Find out why companies trust us with their transportation needs.

Truck Dispatching

Let us coordinate and manage your Pick-Up and Drop-off schedules. Our Team of Dispatchers maintain contact with drivers and companies to track progress ensuring your delivery makes it on time and trouble-free.

US Cargo and Freight Transportation

Our Competitors may be limited by the service area. Our drivers are committed to going the extra mile. We accept Cargo and freight transportation across all of the United States. Contact us to get your quote today.

Helping Owner Operators

Looking to start your own trucking business? Have a truck and experience? We can provide business training and dispatching to help you succeed.

Client Testimonials

Lost my Job, I had no idea how to start my trucking business. I had so many questions and they answered them all. I do my driving they do the rest.

Patrick Quiroz

Had to renew my DOT Number and found them online. Everything was quick and easy. How it should be!

Thomas Bailey

I was paying way more than I want to admit to my previous company. Marina helped so much, she's there when I have questions and has been doing my paperwork for years now.

Matthew Maloney

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