Commercial Vehicles transporting passengers in interstate commerce or if you are  transporting federally regulated commodities and being compensated for it directly or indirectly. You are required to have an MC Number.  If you are uncertain if you need a MC number you can read the following below or give us a call.

 What is a MC Number?


A MC number is an abbreviation for the Motor Carrier Number. The MC Number is used by the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) which assigns a certain number to commercial vehicles.


What is Considered a Commercial Vehicle?


A commercial vehicle is any vehicle transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce. The weight classification of a commercial vehicle is a GVWR of 10,000 lbs or greater. However, if your vehicle is under 10,000 lbs and you transport freight interstate you will still need an MC Number.

Who needs a MC Number?


There are two reasons you may need an MC Number. 
If you are transporting passengers interstate (out of state) and receive some form of compensation direct or indirect you will need an MC number. 
Another reason you might need one is if you transport federally-regulated commodities. If you are unsure if you need one and need more info please call us.

How often do I have to Renew?


Renewing your MC Number is on a biannual basis, and we also take care of registration renewals.  

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Requirements.


Vehicles under 10,000 lbs.

MC number
$300,000 Liability insurance and BOC-3 process agent filing

Vehicles 10,000-26,000 lbs

USDOT number
MC number – MC#
BOC-3 Process Agent filing UCR registration
$ 750,000 Liability insurance and BOC-3 process agent filing

Vehicles Over 26,000 lbs.

USDOT number
MC number – Interstate Authority
UCR Registration
$ 750,000 Liability insurance and BOC-3 process agent filing
Apportioned License Plates (IRP)
IFTA (International Fuel Tax) License
State Permits – NY HUT, KYU, New Mexico, Oregon

USDOT Number Only

A USDOT Number is permanent, we can process your application for $75, and there are no additional fees.

Call us today so we can get your number the same day!


$75 No Additional Fees

USDOT Number, MC Number, UCR Registration & BOC -3.

 We can help you get your registrations in order, to help you stay compliant.

Our pricing is based on the amount of Trucks.

1-2 Trucks   $580

3-5 Trucks   $740

6-20 Trucks  $980



Starting at $580

Do you have Questions?

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Thomas Bailey

I was paying way more than I want to admit to my previous company. Marina helped so much, she's there when I have questions and has been doing my paperwork for years now.

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